Sweden Mobile Phones

The first mobile telephone system in Europe was launched in Sweden. Since this can be considered as the pioneering country for mobile telecommunications in Europe a more extensive description of the technological evolution of the different phases is warranted. Unlike most other countries, Swedish Telecom decided to develop a fully automated system immediately. The Mobile telephone system A (MTA) was completed in 1952–3
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HighSpeedConferencing.com – When The Meeting Grows Beyond Ten

Skype 3.x allows conferencing for up to ten participants whether on Skype or SkypeOut; of course for SkypeOut participants there is the standard SkypeOut charge. Actually, you need one of the newer Intel Core 2 Duo processors to get to ten, otherwise the limit reduces to five. And you can set up conference calls directly within Skype’s client or via the Skype for Email Outlook Toolbar.

But what about those Monday
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Look before you click

Antivirus firm f-secure reports a hostile bot (bot farm?) uses Skype’s client API to send potentially dangerous messages to unsuspecting users.   

We have two reports of people receiving links to a Warezov-infected file via .

Now, some older Warezov variants have used other Instant Messaging client in a similar fashion, but not Skype.

The messages looked like this:

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Free $250 for credit card sign up!

Millions of dollars are spent each year by credit card companies just to get you to sign up. They show you hundreds of ads and they pay websites big money to get you to sign up.

Now, what if the website you went through to sign up actually gave you some of that money back? Well, some sites do, but its limited to $10 or $15. They pocket most of the money and leave you some change.

There are, however, some
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Gigabyte U60 UMPC to be Revealed at CeBit 2007

Gigabyte will debut their new Gigabyte U60 UMPC during CeBit 2007 tradeshow in March. Powered by a Via C7-M mobile processor, it will feature a large 6.5″ screen with a slide-out keyboard. Other features will include 1.8″ 20 or 30 GB hard drive, 802.11b/g, 2 USB ports and a SD/MMC memory card reader.

SimCity Now Available for Nintendo DS

Electronic Arts announced that SimCity will now be returning with the release of the SimCity DS game. Users are able to create and control their very own city in a whole new interactive way. Gameplay is somewhat different than that of the traditional Sim games. There is interaction with the stylus to control your city. There are also user interaction commands such as putting out fires by blowing into
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Cell Phone Straps are Hot in Japan

In Japan cell phone straps are a form of self-expression, and can tell some information about the person. Such as the Wii remote strap, you would assume that he or she is a gamer. Also a cellphone strap could prove to be life saving with something such as a pill container or plate with critical emergency medical information. Cell Phone Straps
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