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  • Changhong exhibits 65-inch PDP TV
  • New York Pushing for Stricter Laws on Games
  • Harry Potter Fans Have Less of a Wait For New Film
  • LG-SV280 Phone Available in Green!

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  • It’s fantastic that with the proper software and peripherals a person is allowed to make phone calls over the internet at lower costs (and with the right attitude, at no charge at all!) Add a webcam and that same user will be able to enjoy video calls and
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    Samsung i620 Smartphone Slider

    Straying away from the traditional designed QWERTY keyboard smartphone design, Samsung’s i620 gets a unique slider design. No official announcements have been made, but we do have a list of expected features and specs of the i620. The i620 slider will be a tri-band phone with UMTS and HSDPA connecivity A QVGA 320×240 display will compliment
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