Philips and LG on a mission to process Oil and Water-Based Flexible OLED Displays

It seems like all major companies are on the path of making environment pollution free and therefore developing eco-friendly products. Instead of conventional flexible OLEDdisplays that put the organic light-emitting diodes on a flexible plastic substrate, LG and Philips are working on OLED displays that are composed chiefly of oil and water. The new displays would be built by placing little
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BlackBerry Curve 8310 Smartphone

Vodafone, one of the largest mobile telecommunications network company in the world, and Research in Motion (RIM) introduced the new BlackBerry Curve 8310 smartphone in Germany. It has built-in GPS navigation and advanced multimedia functionality.

The new 8310 smartphone features integrated GPS functionality which also works with the Vodafone Navigator software installed into the unit. This allows
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GSmart t600 Phone

Now, you will never get bored with commutes or travels, you can watch free TV broadcast on the world’s first universal digital TV PDA phone with built-in DVB-T/H/T-DMB digital TV system or listen to digital radio anytime, anywhere.

You can play movies, listen to music, look at photos; or pack up your favorite multimedia files on Micro SD card. The 2 mega-pixel camera with auto focus lets your
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The Daily Wrap Up – August 1st, 2007

  • “Drillbit Taylor” Movie Trailer – A movie about Multimillionare Bully’s
  • Xbox 360 is the Most Searched for Console on Google
  • Parasound Model 2100 High-End Stereo Preamplifier
  • “30 Days of Night” Red Band Trailer
  • Virtual Console Monday: Mario Who?
  • ISDB-T Portable TV EXEMODE i24

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  • Haier G71 Laptop

    The Haier G71 is not your usual laptop. It is packed with a glossy blue body that makes it stand out from the market of black laptops and white macs. Haier Computer presented its 17.1-inch notebook pc ‘G71’ in Beijing, which attempts to replace the desktop pc. The G71 adopts Intel’s Centrino Santa Rosa platform and Nvidia GeForce Go 7950, and supports 1920 x 1200 resolution. It features a large 17.1-inch
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    Sony W1 Car Video System

    Offering outstanding picture and sound quality, Sony introduces the XAV-W1 visual entertainment system. The system provides the ultimate in-car listening enviroment with features including easy connectivity to MP3 players and personalization options.

    It’s large 7″ WVGA TFT display, sets a new standard for high-end picture quality in a vehicle. With three audio/video inputs, it is possible to
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    Toshiba MPX2200R Bluetooth Headphone

    Direct from Mobile cast corporation,”mBandR” the wireless headphone which is utilized with Bluetooth connection (MPX2200R) will be sold from beginning this August. The price for this product has not yet been determined, but speculators expects the price to be at about 9, 980 yen. The MPX2200R bluetooth headphone will come in two colors, black and white.

    The MPX2200R bluetooth headphone sports
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    HTC PPC-6800 Mogul Phone For Sprint

    Check out the new HTC PPC-6800 Mogul for Sprint. This new Pocket PC device is eqiupped with one of those slider keyboards, revealing a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard. This appears to be a replacement for the Sprint PPC-6700. The Mogul packs a lot of features including EV-DO, WiFi and a 2 megapixel camera, and as expected, is targeted at business users.

    The Mogul measures 110mm x 59mm x 20mm with
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    VoIP Adoption Escalates in the US

    .com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/logo_voip2.jpg” title=”logo_voip2.jpg”> Consumers embracing VoIP services is reported to be growing at an aggressive rate by the Yankee Group on July 30. Ever since 2006, the popularity for VoIP services have been mounting at a rate of 125% and has so far reached to an outstanding number of 9 million subscribers. The cable MSOs and the broadband VoIP providers play the important role in the maintenance of the growing extensive consumer VoIP market.
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    Popcap Brings Bejewled Puzzle Game to the iPhone

    PopCap Games has introduced a custom version of it’s popular Bejeweled puzzle game for the Safari Browser on Apple’s iPhone. Popcap has teamed up with Arkadiusz Mlynarczyk, one of the first video game programmers for the iPhone, to bring
    this classic puzzle game to the iPhone.

    The customized version of Bejeweled takes advantage of the handset’s Web 2.0 and wireless capabilities and has
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