Verizon Wireless Expects More than 300 Million Messages this New Year’s Eve

As we enter another challenging yet very exciting year that is 2008 we cannot help but be thankful for those people who made our lives more beautiful with their presence and support. One of the best ways to tell those persons that we care and remember them is through SMS or MMS.

That’s why Verizon Wireless is expecting its customers
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The Google Android Demo Tip

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins of Mashable talked about the anonymous tip they received about a non-working Google Android Demo. We, here in Mobilewhack, have received the same thing, although this time, the tipper has a name (which, of course, we won’t reveal). We received the same email Mashable did, with a very few changes. According to the tip, a contextual search on the Google Android Phone revealed a page
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Pink Palm Centro Photo?

The much awaited pink Palm Centro’s pic was spotted. It was posted in the Sprint Users’ forum by a member called TheRobin. The release is said to be set sometime around January or February 2008 which dates January 6, January 13 and February 14 being touted as possible exact release dates. While Sprint hasn’t released the pink Palm
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