Sony Ericsson K530i in Fiery Red for the devil in you

While many cell phones are undergoing the pink revolution, Sony Ericsson takes a different path with the K530i. Besides the Warm Silver and Thunder Black colors, Sony Ericsson has added a special-edition “Fiery Red” version of the popular 3G phone for the Chinese New Year in Taiwan. Other than that, nothing has changed on the inside with the same 2mpx camera, Access NetFront browser, RSS support, USB, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

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Today On, Feb 01, 2008

  • Vibe Body Sound Headphones: Feeling the Music, Literally
  • Got US$94K Sitting in Your Bank ccount? Try Softbank’s Tiffany Phone
  • Red BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Smartphone For Verizon Wireless
  • AT&T and TeleNav Team Up to Make New York City Cleaner
  • Philips 192: The Return of Philips to the European Market
  • Fujitsu and Lenovo: First to Use the MacBook Air Intel Chip after MacBook Air
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    HTC Touch White by Bell Canada

    Bell is going full throttle. After the release of the red BlackBerry Pearl and the Buy 1 BlackBerry Take 4 More Free promo, Bell Canada is releasing the HTC Touch White. HTC Touch runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 and uses HTC’s TouchFLO technology. Featuring a 2.8-inch QVGA touch screen, the HTC Touch also offers Bluetooth, 802.11b/g WiFi, and tri-band GSM with EDGE.

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    AT&T and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Team Up for Valentine’s

    If you think the various companies’ Valentine offerings are over, you better think again — it will only increase until we hit the day itself. This time, AT&T and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM team up for their Cupid Goes Wireless campaign. Via AT&T’s Media Net mobile Web service, AT&T subscribers can access the 1-800-FLOWERS.COM store to send their loved ones free animated floral bouquets. They can also enter
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    Garmin Takes on the Mobile Phone Market with the nГјvifone

    Garmin, a company best known for their GPS device navigators, is taking on the mobile phone market with the new Garmin nГјvifone. The nГјvifone, in accordance with Garmin’s legacy, is a phone and a GPS navigator in one. In fact, the president and COO proclaims it the “single device that does it all,” which eerily reminds me of LOTR (…one ring to rule them all…). This LOTP (Lord of the Phones),
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    Rumors: Google and Dell Team up for a Series of Google Andoid Phones

    A few rumors have been circulating in the mobile phone market that Google and Dell are currently partnering to develop a series of GooglePhones — mobile phones using the Google Android OS. According to sources, Google is denying this, although more speculations abound that the first Goodell (Google + Dell) phone will be showcased in 3GSM in Barcelona.

    Update: Dell denies the existence of this said partnership. We won’t be seeing Goodell phones after all. Too bad.

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    Philips 192: The Return of Philips to the European Market

    Philips has long since exited the European mobile phone market. In fact, it has old off the mobile phone division to a Chinese company. This new company seems to aim to re-introduce the brand to Europe with a very basic candybar phone, the Philips 192. The Philips 192 is a GSM phone featuring 128Г—128 px, 65K color CSTN display. The bare Philips 192 will sell for around US$60.

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    AT&T and TeleNav Team Up to Make New York City Cleaner

    AT&T and TeleNav, the first company to offer GPS service for mobile phones in the US, join hands to make New York City a cleaner place. With the help of the two companies, the government of the Big Apple has launched the Street Conditions Observation Unit or SCOUT program. Member of the SCOUT program ride through the streets once a month to observe the conditions. Members report the conditions
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