Wireless Laser Printer?

That’s right I am presenting a wireless laser printer. I have had my share of mishaps with printers, laser or not, old or new, USB or parallel, you name it. One of the biggest problems when working with multiple devices are cables and cords. Not only do you need plenty of space to arrange the power cables and then the connectors to your computer but you also need to make them look good. Especially if you are working in an office.

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New TomTom GO X30 series reach North America

TomTom, announced the availability of its GO X30 series in North America. The two models of this Series TomTom GO 930 and TomTom GO 730 feature exclusive IQ Routesâ„¢ technology.

The new flagship models appear in fresh looks and high quality finish. Incorporating TomTom’s award-winning software, TomTom Map Share, and Advanced Lane Guidance they make navigation easy.

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Rumored: T-Mobile to Launch 3G Tomorrow

As you can see from the screen shot, T-Mobile are preparing to launch 3G plans in New York City Tomorrow, May 1st. This is a semi-confirmed rumor by this apparent T-Mobile internal document. With 3G being hot news right now, it’s no surprise carriers will try to implement it as a viable plan to more and more of their subscribers.

3G will of course increase both calls quality and data transfer
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Samsung SGH-P960 Mobile TV

Samsung has recently unveiled the latest SGH-P960 Mobile TV supporting DVB-CBMS and OMA-BCAST. Equipping DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting) the device will be available in Europe in the month of May. However, it seems like that it will never land on the US territory. The P960 delivers a seamless mobile TV playback on its 2.6 inch QVGA screen. A time shifting feature pause the mobile TV while receiving calls. It is interesting
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Rumored: AT&T to Sell 3G iPhone from $199

The world is getting ready for the new 3G iPhone. Mobile carriers in the USA realize how big a hit the iPhone will be so they will be creating more and more deals meant to squeeze money from its subscribers.

The iPhones will sell no matter what and Apple will be profiting from that. Marketing ideas and thinking outside the box will also make carriers profit.

A rumor leaked from
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Would You Get an USB Sim Card Reader?

How many of you have had your cell phone stolen? How many times did your Sim card get broken? How many of you can’t backup always backup your phone’s Sim on your computer?

If you don’t want any more contact lists and messages lost, here’s a valid solution. For less than $25 you can get an USB Sim Card reader. You will be able to upload or your much needed data from your Sim to your computer.
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iPhone Plan for the Deaf

Coming up with a plan for people with hearing and speech impediments was just a thing waiting to happen. AT&T are offering a Text Accessibility Plan which includes unlimited text messaging, unlimited data usage (internet and e-mail), visual voice-mail and $.40 per minute pay-per-use voice. All that for only $40/month after service activation.

How this works is actually very simple. After
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