AT&T to Pimp 3G! Five times faster?

Ok. let’s not get crazy here people! Let’s not get excited about an AT&T announcement or rumor only to find out later it was just a human error.

AT&T has 3G in the labs working at a speed of 7.2 megabits per second which is about double the theoretical achievable speed on current networks. By 2009 they want to deliver an amazing
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Phillips X800 Is Official

Phillips has finally announced the X800, this new edge to edge touchscreen phone. The timing couldn’t be better to do it with the regular iPhone shortage around the world, the new BlackBerry Bold release, the HTC Touch Diamond coming out and the new iPhone rumors spreading more and more. And all these things are happening as we speak so let’s welcome the X800 to the ballgame.

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HTC Touch Diamond Hands On Photos

Whenever a new smartphone gets released we would all like to get as many details as possible about what it does and when it will be available. We also would like to see as many pictures as possible. We’d like to have our own hands on those models but in the mean time we can offer you other people’s experience.

We talked about
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Opera Mini 4.1 Kicked Off

The all new Opera Mini 4.1 Version is ready to rock your mobile phones. The proof of its immense popularity is the fact that currently over 44 million people are using it. The latest version is 50% faster as compared to the older 4.0.

Enhance your mobile web browsing by Opera Mini 4.1. It lets the users stay in touch with their friends, do online banking and check mails. With the URL completions’ support you can type address quickly.

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Rumored: Verizon Wireless and Vodafone to Offer BlackBerry Thunder

I am still in awe after what I’ve been reading and writing about the brand new RIM creation. I am talking about the BlackBerry 9000. The Bold. Possibly one of the worthiest adversary of the future 3G iPhone. Besidest those two, there’s also HTC Touch Diamond, which has to be mentioned out of fairness to the game. And this one will also have their piece of the pie as it’s an outstanding piece of engineering.

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