Philadelphia, to WiFi or Not to WiFi?

The City was supposed to offer everyone WiFi access through all Philadelphia. EarthLink won the contract back in 2006 and since then has completed 80% of the network development. However since 2007, when former CEO Garry Betty passed away, the company has been rethinking their WiFi expansion strategy. Read cancel their expansion strategy.

EarthLink got out of similar deals with San Francisco
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How Many Zune Buyers are There?

In case you don’t know, Microsoft have sold just over 2 million Zunes already. That’s like what, 1 Zune per year? Leaving jokes aside, Microsoft still haven’t really made that much of an impression with this device. Last May they reached their first million and now, after an year, they sold one more million of Zune players. That places them just above Creative and lower than SanDisk and waaaaay below Apple.

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