Sony Ericsson Rika Gets Leaked

There’s not much info on the Sony Ericsson Rika yet. People say it’s a Walkman model of the Sony Ericsson G705. Besides the supposed music capabilities, the Rika seems to have a front camera which must mean it has 3G support.

Sony Ericsson hasn’t announced it yet, so that’s all we have so far: a picture and a bunch of maybes.

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Sony Ericsson C902 Cybershot Mobile Phone Gets FCC Approval

Sony Ericsson’s new phone, the C902, has made an appearance at the good ol’ FCC. The device is now approved, and should hit the world markets soon. The C902 is another phone in the Cybershot series and compatible with UMTS/HSDPA 2100 and tri-band GSM networks. The camera on this baby is pretty sophisticated, including autofocus, flash, face detection and video capabilities.

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How Cool is Your Bluetooth Headset?

As you can see from the picture this appears to be a valid pen/stylus. Only it isn’t one exactly. It’s a communication device, and that’s why we’re featuring it. Oh, and one more thing, it’s not a pen at all, it only looks like one but it can be used successfully as a stylus for your… future palm maybe?

I have lots of features
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