BlackBerry Storm vs. BlackBerry Curve 8900

Are you a Blackberry fan? Cause I know I am! I totally dig the cool way RIM have allowed us to mix pleasure with business when it created these highly new intelligent

handsets. The only problem is there are now too many to choose from. How do you know what the best pick is eventually? Do you happen to have an old one and would like to swap it with a brand new one over the holidays, but just don’t know which one to pick? The Storm is really amazing with its features and functionality, and all that is achieved without the usual QWERTY keyboard. The Curve 8900 which is a definite upgraded version of the former Blackberry phones is a dependable smartphone for anyone that would like an old fashion keyboard to play with.

Take a quick glance at this video, where the two are being compared and it might help you solve your dilemma. It could be a little longer but then again size doesn’t matter, does it?

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