T-Mobile presents MotoACTV W450

For the type of people that need a ruggedized cellphone (read modified for military use) check out the latest offer by T-Mobile. It is simply called Motorola Active, but if you want to go technical the real codename is MOTOACTV W450.

As you can see by the image, the Motorola Active can be inserted on the “clamshell” category,

and since it has a material similar to rubber, it means you can drop it and it is suppose to keep working. Made for exercising sessions, like jogging, hiking, cycling and others, it includes an easy way to “attach” the phone to your belt.

An interesting application is the Mayo Clinic software that helps users identify medical troubles.

In terms of normal features, the MotoACT W450 has a microSD slot that can handle 2GB cards, a 1.3-megapixel camera, and is able to playback audio. The phone is already available in gray or white, and costs $30 with a 2-year plan.


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